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Who is earthTV?

We at earthTV own and operate a permanent television camera network across 26 countries and produce the famous "The World Live" television filler program. It’s licensed to 30 different broadcasters and watched in 90 countries.

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What are earthTV Partner Pages?

We recently introduced a digital Camera Cloud offering constantly updated high-resolution HD recordings from all earthTV camera feeds. The new Partner Pages make all our content available to publishers and their users while being hosted and serviced by us.

Our new Partner Pages combine the lean-back experience of the traditional earthTV television programs with the additional opportunity to access the content of each of our cameras on demand.

We are offering to install and host a Partner Page for you, customized in the design of your website, and a business model which allows you to earn a revenue share from video advertising inserted to our content where it suits the experience.

In a nutshell, our Partner Pages give online publishers not only a simple way to connect to the world through original earthTV content, but also the chance to earn from all traffic attracted to the Partner Page.

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What does a Partner Page look like?

Please enjoy a fully functioning demo of an earthTV Partner Page here

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How does it work?

Installation, hosting and servicing of the Partner Pages as well as all content and content updates will be provided by us. You just need to provide your website template (or just your header and footer) for the Partner Page with links back to your own website, and provide traffic to the partner page by linking to it at the best suited places on your website to support the success of your Partner Page.

We do not need any access to your website, as the Partner Pages are hosted and maintained entirely on earthTV servers.

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How do I get started?

Please email us here to let us know you’re interested in testing a partner page. Following our mutual interest to enter into partnership there will be a basic purchase order agreement between the parties. No lengthy contract is required.

The partnership can be terminated by either party with one month’s written notice.

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Should I have a camera in order to get a Partner Page?

You don‘t need a camera in order to profit from a Partner Page. Rather, earthTV content works as both a window to destinations of interest to your online visitors and a touch point for visitors to view the place they come from. Our Partner Pages offer views from 26 countries and in 2015 we had happy visitors from 194 countries (number of countries with over 10 viewers).

Nevertheless, if you do have a powerful camera location in a capital city which is not yet part of the earthTV network we will be happy to discuss a cooperation on a new camera with you.

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What content is displayed on the Partner Pages?

The video content from all the earthTV cameras will be available on the Partner Page together with camera location information, local weather and time displayed in the video player. Additionally we will provide editorial texts describing the destinations and the views from all our cameras.

The content can be viewed by camera location or in playlists. At the moment we provide access to the content of 40 HD video cameras (to offer the best possible viewing experience we don‘t offer lower quality cameras such as 3D or still cameras on the Partner Pages) and offer the playlists:

  • "Weather Today" (near-live weather clips),
  • "Best Skylines" (hand-picked beauty shots from our camera archive), and
  • "Sightseeing" (our unique time-lapses in camera motion). 

In respect to the personal privacy of people in the range of our cameras we don‘t zoom in close enough to identify faces or license plates, and we don't record any local sounds. Instead we underlay the video content with our music soundtrack earthGROOVES ( 

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How often is content updated?

The content is constantly updated. At the moment we update the video and player texts available on the Partner Page around 4800 times every day, and make available 2400 minutes of new recorded content and 24,000 minutes of new live-stream content every day, all year round.

New HD cameras as well as new camera trajectories will be automatically made available to the Partner Pages. 

In what languages are Partner Pages available?

At the moment we offer the Partner Page in the following languages: 

  • English (en_US)
  • French (fr_FR)
  • German (de_DE)
  • Spanish (es_ES)
  • Russian (ru_RU) 
  • Simplified Chinese (zh-cn_CN)
  • Traditional Chinese (zh-hk_HK)
  • Arabic (ar_SA)
  • Turkish (tr_TR)
  • Kurdish (ku_IQ)
  • Vietnamese (vi_VN)
  • Ukraine (uk_UA)

The following languages are in planning:

  • Portuguese (pt_PT)
  • Japanese (ja_JP)

Any other language can be installed on demand, just let us know what language you need to make the Partner Page more attractive to your visitors.

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Can I modify my page’s content?

The selection of earthTV cameras, language of texts and playlists can be filtered when the Partner Page is installed. Also the header and footer is reserved to be customized to the look and feel and interactivity of your website, complete with all existing links back to your main website, as provided to us in your website template.

Otherwise the Partner Page product is designed to automatically update and run without updates, unless they are needed to improve the performance of the page.

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Can I have more than one Partner Page?

If the traffic results can be increased by installing different Partner Pages we are happy to install more than one Partner Page for you. 

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How can I earn?

To promote our Partner Pages we are offering a strong 50% revenue share from all advertising revenues generated by earthTV on each dedicated Partner Page. 

As we are just introducing the Partner Page project we look forward to building up great results, but for your reference here are our actual statistics from our first test period of the product:

  • Period: 12 months (Jan - Dec 2015)
  • Video views: 9,306,401
  • Ad impressions: 1,086,627
  • Average CPM: 5.57 EUR (6.17 USD*)

* exchange rate at the selected time

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What advertising will be played?

To begin with the Partner Page will be equipped with video advertising, mainly pre-roll ads when loading the earthTV Content with a maximum length of 30 seconds. Selected display advertising will follow in the future.

We select the advertising for our Partner Pages exactly same way as we select the advertising for our own website Our goal is to fill as much as possible of the inventory with premium advertising and then fill-up with restricted remnant inventory. For your reference, this was the actual inventory during the test period of the product:

  • Period: 12 month (Jan - Dec 2015)
  • Total ad impressions: 1,086,627 (100%)
  • Filled with premium advertising: 231,797 AI (21 %)
  • Filled with specialized video advertising: 334,585 AI (31 %)
  • Filled with remnant inventory: 520,244 AI (44 %)

The advertising integrated into earthTV content adheres to a set of principles. According to these principles, the advertising: cannot be false and misleading; does not contain any untrue, defamatory, harmful, abusive, vulgar, obscene, pornographic or illegal materials; is in compliance with all applicable laws (including regulations for protection of minors); does not infringe upon the rights of any other party, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, privacy rights, moral rights, trade secrets, patents and any other rights; is not racist, violence or war glorifying; and does not promote the use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances.

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How do you track, report and pay?

We provide quarterly reporting of the total video views and ad impressions generated on each Partner Page, regardless of where the traffic is generated from. Due to the long and irregular running periods of premium advertising campaigns, we can only provide a full report and declare the revenue shares at the end of each fiscal year. For administrative reasons we will only pay amounts exceeding 200 EUR, amounts below this will be credited to the next fiscal year.

At the moment we manage and track our ads with Ooyala Pulse and will export reports as an excel sheet from the system for you.

In addition to this, we are offering you the option to include your own tracking pixel in the header and footer template you provide us with for the Partner Page. If you would like to track traffic directed to the Partner Page from your own website, you will need to do this via your own website analytics.

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I do not want ads on my Partner Page, what do I do?

In special cases we can install a Partner Page without advertising, usually only if extraordinary marketing value is found for both of us. If you are interested in this please provide us with information about your reach and we will introduce you to our marketing department.

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What do I need to invest?

You do not need to invest directly because the installation, hosting and service of the Partner Pages will be provided by earthTV.

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What are the technical details of the Partner Page?

Our Partner Pages are fully HMTL5 compliant and use no third party plugins such as Flash and Silverlight.

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Can I have a Partner Page on my app?

All Partner Page content is available via Public Application Programming Interface (API) and Akamai CDN, but at the moment we don‘t insert advertising for mobile apps so the advertising revenue share business model would need to be provided by you.

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What can I do if the link or the content on my Partner Page is not working?

All Partner Pages are serviced with the same service level as our own website Our availability was 99% over the 12 month Partner Page test period so we don’t currently provide 24/7 service level support. However, for some bowsers and in some regions the Partner Page might show mistakes - if you find any please help us improve the service by sending a screenshot here.

At the moment the Partner Page is optimized for the most commonly used browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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What should I do if I have more questions or need help?

If you have any questions which are not answered in this FAQ, please don‘t hesitate to contact us directly here and our team will add the missing information.

Please enjoy a fully functioning demo of an earthTV Partner Page here

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